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Hilde (nods). To the faithless sailor-wife--yes.

Lyngstrand. Fancy, at midnight!

Hilde. That must be so fascinating.

Ellida (looking after the ship). Tomorrow, then!

Wangel. And then never again.

Ellida (in a low, imploring tone). Oh! Wangel, save me from

Wangel (looks anxiously at her). Ellida--I feel there is
something behind this--

Ellida. There is--the temptation!

Wangel. Temptation?

Ellida. The man is like the sea!

(She goes slowly and thoughtfully through the garden, and
out to the left. WANGEL walks uneasily by her side, watching
her closely.)

The Lady From The Sea by Henrik Ibsen
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